Should You Choose Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting for Your Website

Windows Hosting or Linux HostinFor the beginning trying to create a website and register a domain name for the first time, questions such which host to use for the website can be confusing and panic-inducing. Most of the websites that you can currently access online are run by either Windows hosting or Linux hosting.

What exactly does this mean?

This means that the web hosting service you choose to pay to register your domain name and run your website will either use Windows hosting or Linux hosting for the same. Most often than not, they might ask you which one you would prefer. Linux and Windows are both trusted operating systems (OS) with a few different functionalities and a few different benefits.

The Linux platform is famous for its stability, and for being an open source system that can be easily customized by the developer. This means that if you wish to make changes to the very core of how your website works, you can do so fairly easily with Linux web hosting. The Windows platform is more wide-spread in terms of its general popularity. It is

What Is Shared Hosting

Shared HostingThere are many types of web hosting available. One of the main types of hosting is shared hosting, and this also happens to be one of the cheapest.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive type of hosting one can get. It is this cheap because multiple such accounts share the space on the same server, each of them having a certain partition allocated at the account opening.

It can be the best solution for a small business or an individual to have an online presence without needing to spend a lot of money. Shared hosting can be as cheap as a couple of dollars per month, and even cheaper shared hosting can be exceedingly good for most uses. This means that basically everyone can be online, regardless the amount of money they can afford to spend for that matter.

Now that you know what is shared hosting and how good it is for beginners, you have to know about the downsides as well. The main disadvantage of shared hosting is that all websites on a server share its resources. Whenever one

Give Your Business The Edge Of Cloud Computing And Help It Grow

Edge Of Cloud ComputingWe live at a time where it’s easy to connect with anyone and everyone in quick time. The scenario was a lot different back then when the technology was not as advanced as it has become today. Back then, it was not possible to run the business from anywhere, and it was also not possible to access information from a remote location. The arrival of cloud computing technology changed all this and gave businesses a lot of ease and convenience at many levels. This technology has saved a lot of cost that a business would otherwise dedicate for software and hardware.

Using cloud computing means a business can be run over any device and can also be run from anywhere. It gives businesses an opportunity to experience a different way of connecting with their customers, understanding their requirements and implementing a robust marketing approach. The technology has helped businesses track and manage customer information as and when needed. More so, it has brought a great sense of freedom from using manual ways and repetitive tasks. So, a business

Select A Customizable CRM And Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Customizable CRMWhat if your CRM were not customizable? Would that make any difference to your business? Yes, it would, and that too, in a big way. The business then will be required to spend more money to get all those benefits that a customizable product delivers. More so, if customization benefits are not available, a business will never be able to accommodate its requirements as and when they arise in future. This is where the feature of customization helps a lot as it’s a way to boost the capabilities and competencies of the business in a big way. After all, only a competent and capable business can grow in the desired manner.

From the above, it’s quite clear that a business should take a great deal of care while selecting a CRM system. The selection should consider a lot of factors so that the business can get all those benefits it paid the money for. More so, it’s important to leverage cloud computing fully to realize business objectives in the desired manner. The cloud technology comes with infinite potential and whosoever understands it fully, benefits the most. More so,

How Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Performance & Security Demands

How Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Performance & Security DemandsThanks to readily available technologies for providing binoculars to cognize our intended customers’ needs and market trends, happening across different industry verticals so that maximum ROI can be attained. But, the question that arises over here is can we make best of these technological advancements, overlooking the importance of strong website presence? The answer is a big NO.

This article attempts to throw light on the strongest web hosting alternative that can give your business a right direction:

Over the past few years, technologies have evolved rapidly and businesses are increasingly looking out for a more reliable and powerful web hosting solution. It is of utmost importance to have your website backed by the best possible technologies. To launch a website, ostensibly, you require a computer, connected to the internet, capable of receiving requests, and taking appropriate action. And, it is only possible with web hosting services that allow individuals and organizations to make their website globally accessible.

Here, the web hosts provide space on the server to their client. Opting for a reliable web hosting service is the

Top Most Big Data Inhibiting Factors

Most Big Data Inhibiting FactorsBig data is the art and science of collecting large data sets (unstructured video, emails, sensor reports, logs) through conventional and digital sources to determine market trends and partners. This information is processed and analyzed by companies to improve their decision-making so that they can hook themselves to the right path that brings maximum opportunities and limited risks to their organization. However, one unfortunate reality is, big data has lots of enemies. Data is plural of the word datum.

The interpretation of big data done by experts is something like – an amount of data which is difficult to be curated, processed, or analyzed through relational database owing to its burgeoning size (created by Internet of Things (IoT) including machine generated and transactional processes). However, the question that hits the mind is why this big data is so difficult to be managed and what factors are acting as a roadblock to this business-essential data?

This article will highlight some of the opponents of big data:

IT Infrastructure: Technology plays the principal role in the augmentation of the world economy. However, at times, it

DreamHost VPS and Dedicated Servers Hosting Services

DreamHost VPSAre you considering hosting your new website or blog with a reliable web hosting company? DreamHost VPS, Dreampress 2 and the DreamHost Dedicated Servers hosting services can help give your site the security, speed and ease it deserves. The kind of company that hosts your website has a way of determining how far your site is able to compete with the big shots and how much traffic and money you get in the long run. With DreamHost, your site is sure to compete favorably with the big shots on the internet.

Located in Brea, California, DreamHost was founded by Josh Jones, Sage Weil, Dallas Bethune and Michael Rodriguez. The company was launched in 1996 and has remained a very good and reliable web hosting service provider for developers and entrepreneurs ever since. With three data centers in downtown LA, Ashburn (Virginia) and Irvine (California) in the United States of America, and with a cloud computing platform, the issue of speed and data security are handled effectively.

This company has had to struggle with some vital issues in the past. One of those issues was the server downtime

Accentuate Business Growth With Performance Driven VPS Hosting Services

Performance Driven VPS Hosting ServicesWith the advancements in the field of technology and the evolution of the Internet, Web hosting has become quite easier. Web developers in majority are choosing VPS hosting, which is faster and more secured than shared hosting plans, to register their online presence. Undoubtedly, it offers a plethora of benefits over other hosting environments with respect to flexibility, security and performance.

The greatest innovation in web hosting till date is server virtualization, where one computer functions as multiple virtual servers. It helps organizations of different ambits to expand and prosper in the shortest possible time. VPS is a cornerstone that comes embedded with characteristics of two web hosting platforms – dedicated server hosting and shared hosting.

A virtual private server is based on virtualization technology, which separates a physical server into multiple virtual servers. This is done with the help of a software utility (hypervisor) that segments a master hardware into smaller units – each functioning separately and independently from one another. The main purpose of segmenting the master server is that independent server can be rebooted at will without affecting any other VPS.

4 Ways Of Hosting Your Site

Hosting Your SiteAre you looking for a way of hosting your website? Here are 4 ways in which you can do it:

Using your internet service provider

You need an internet service provider (ISP) for you to access the internet. In addition to providing you with internet connection, most of the providers also offer web hosting for a small fee. The hosting provided by the providers is usually basic thus ideal if you are looking to host a young site that isn’t receiving a lot of traffic. Online experts recommend that you use this type of hosting to test and prepare your site.

Free web hosting

If you are trapped for cash and want to start your online career, there are plenty of companies offering free web hosting. The companies will host your site for free, but they place adverts on your site. Many would call it a win-win arrangement. While the services are free, most of the companies offering them offer advanced services such as: SSI, shell access, PHP and CGI; therefore, if you are interested in having a professional web host without shedding a

4 Features Of A Good Web Hosting Company

Good Web Hosting CompanyIf you are starting an online business you need to host your website. To have a great experience you have to work with the best web hosting company. Here are features that you should look out for when looking for a good web host:

Customer service

In the online world things can go wrong any time. When your site goes down you need to have a reliable company that you can easily reach. Many companies will advertise themselves as the cheapest in the market, but wait until you have a problem and you can’t reach them. Before you subscribe to any plan, take your time to test the company’s customer service.

A good company should have plenty of support options such as email, phone, chat and any other. Forums have now become popular; therefore, a good company should have a forum where the responses are made by the hosting staff.


Uptime is the percentage of time that a hosting server has been up. While you should go with the best hosting company, remember that even the best hosting company goes down

A Beginners Guide to Web Hosting

A Beginners Guide to Web HostingIf this is your first time to buy web hosting or run a website, you can find useful information in this article. Let’s start, shall we?

Definition of Web Hosting

Consider the files and folders stored on your laptop or desktop computer’s hard disk that are readily available whenever you need them. A web page, like any word processing document, is a file. Also, your word processing documents like all web pages need a computer in order to store them.

Web pages are different in a way that they are meant to be viewed by the public in general. For this to be possible, the computer wherein these files are stored needs to come with a higher specification than your desktop computer, as well as a more powerful Internet connection.

Web pages are stored on a computer referred to as a web server (since it serves pages upon the request of Internet users). A web site consists of web pages joined together and the World Wide Web or WWW is made up of all the web pages worldwide.

Web hosting

How To Move Your Website A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Move Your WebsiteA web hosting company is the service provider that provides you the space for accessing your business website. This will help you to live your site over the World Wide Web. Choosing a right web host for your site is actually a big decision, which you cannot take for granted. There may be so many reasons why you want to change your web host. Maybe you are not satisfied with its services or features, or you found a better service provider within your budget.

Regardless of finding the actual reason behind this move you need to give attention on the points that you should consider before doing so. While moving your website from one server to another, you should check each and everything correctly. So, if you are also planning to transfer it from one domain to another then, this step by step guide helps you to complete this task in a secure manner.

Purchase a new web host: First of all; you need to buy a new web host. There are so many web hosting companies that are known for their different specifications

WordPress and Cloud Hosting

WordPress and Cloud HostingManaged WordPress Cloud Hosting is affordable, reliable and where you should be by all means.

A significant proportion of respondents identify themselves as ‘Cloud Beginners’ – dipping their toes in the cloud computing pool and initial cloud projects while looking to deepen their experience within cloud infrastructure for the future. When it comes to Cloud Beginners, most are still hosting their sites on a single server within their own company, or on a shared server using a VPS or shared hosting account. As a website grows in scope and popularity, its needs will evolve beyond that which can be supported by a bare metal server, which would be located on hardware within a business’s host operating system.

Unlike bare metal servers, cloud hosting infrastructure offers major advantages in terms of uptime, availability and scalability. Advantages like these are especially applicable with commonly used web platforms such as WordPress.

Cloud infrastructure offers users the ability to scale up when and where they need to; only paying as it is used. This is called dynamic scaling, as

Choosing A Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting CompanyIt used to be that choosing a web hosting company for your small business web site was a difficult and confusing exercise. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today you can do an online search for web hosting companies and be presented with a fantastic selection of cheap hosting packages, all of them offering a wide range of features.

Choosing among all the alternatives still takes a bit of research. Many people focus on impressive technical specs — available bandwidth, storage capacity, number of email addresses, and so on. But the truth is, web hosting has gotten very inexpensive. You can now get cheap web hosting for as low as $1.95 per month that includes many of the features you find in much more expensive plans.

So how do you go about choosing a hosting company? Here are some suggestions.

**Determine what you need

If you have a bit of web experience, choosing a host can be fairly simple, but if you are without experience, then it might be a good idea to discuss your requirements

Discover the Power of ASP.NET Hosting

Discover the Power of ASP.NET HostingASP.NET is a web application development technology created by Microsoft. Unlike PHP, Python and Perl, it is not a language, but a framework that provides developers with a great deal of flexibility.

Based on ASP (Active Server Pages) and Microsoft’s.NET Framework, it is currently used by millions of developers, webmasters and corporations around the world. ASP.NET has a wide range of purposes and can be efficiently used to create everything from a small website to dynamic, robust web applications. Due to its popularity, it has become one of the most highly sought after offerings on the web hosting market.

Being that it is so unique, one must focus on a special set of requirements to obtain a complete solution and make the most of it.

.NET Framework 3.5

The.NET Framework 2.0 is out and version 3.5 is in. The latest version offers many new features and improvements over its predecessors, making it quite valuable to savvy developers. .NET Framework 3.5 offers the powerful combination of ASP.NET AJAX, which offers the ability to create

4 Tips for Maintaining Your Private Servers

Maintaining Your Private ServersMaintaining your private server is an extremely important part of server management. You will be making sure that the software of your server is up to date and also free of all security issues. With the help of your server, preventing potential issues can be prevented easily. Some tips have been explained below.

1. Backups

It is highly critical for you that all your important data is backed up even if a worst scenario occurs. A backup should be created prior to any significant changes within your applications. On an additional note, a maintenance should be done on a regular basis and this will depend upon the changes of your content. For an ease of usage or security issues, you can also make use of an FTP backup storage space for free of cost.

2. Updating your server

Vulnerabilities and server updates can always be found at any particular time. This can cause the web-based software to be highly vulnerable. Thus it is recommended to keep all software and services up to date with the latest available version. Not updating your servers regularly

Changing Your Web Hosting Provider What You Need to Do

Changing Your Web Hosting ProviderThere are different reasons why some individuals or businesses want to switch to another web hosting provider. It could be because they need more storage space or greater bandwidth, or perhaps, they are not satisfied with the customer service.

Some say that it is easier said than done. While changing to a new web host could sound like a daunting task, it does not have to be complicated. There are only some things you need to remember:

Keep your existing account open

You are advised to keep your existing web hosting account open until the transition process has been completed (this includes email setup and creation, file transfer, new account setup, DNS modification and propagation). This way, you can make sure that your domain and website accounts continue to run during transition.

Opt for a new host that suits you best

Consider the following:

Operating Systems (Windows or Linux) – It really depends on the technologies that your website needs. For instance, when your website requires Microsoft-specific technologies like ASP, MS ACCESS or MSSQL, you need to go for a

Need Web Hosting What Are the Options

Web HostingIndividuals and organizations alike can publish a website/web page on the Internet by means of a service called web hosting. A web hosting service provider offers the services and technologies required to view a website/web page on the Internet. The special computers where websites are hosted and stored are known as servers.

Nowadays, there are lots of web hosting choices, including free web hosting, shared hosting and dedicated servers, among others. They all have the same function of hosting your content to be accessed and viewed by Internet users. The difference between them lies in their structure and the benefits they give.

Let us view them more closely:

Free Web Hosting

Nothing can be more practical than a free web hosting plan. This is a perfect choice for those who want to have a simple website or create a homepage to share with family and friends. Free web hosting has been criticized since it lacks features, customer support and security, but there are still a number of services that can be trusted and relied on. It is important to remember, though, that free web hosting

Free Web Hosting What to Look at

Free Web HostingNowadays there are many people who prefer a free web hosting solution. However, it can be a daunting task to find a hosting service you can rely on since nowadays – there are lots of service providers as well as available options. It can be even more challenging when you go over the features and promises they offer. However, it can be less stressful as it is. Let us see a number of features every good free hosting service should provide:

Disk Space and Bandwidth

The amount of storage space given to you by your free web host is called the disk space. This is where your website files will be stored – such as images, text, audio and other files used for your site.

The amount of traffic permitted to access as well as leave your website is called the bandwidth. Access is the time when a visitor keys in the name of your website in his/her browser. Leave is the time when a visitor gets info from your site like when viewing a photo, downloading a file or listening to audio.


How Cloud Will Support the Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud Will Support the Internet of ThingsWith the rising need of connectivity, cloud-enabled services have become integral for the development of network architecture to foster real-time IoT deployments. The cloud wave has touched each sector in an attempt to make them more agile. When implemented pragmatically, cloud solutions can help businesses across all ambits to capitalize on market needs for connected devices to gain new sets of insightful data. To put it simply, IoT was born in the cloud, and cloud fosters both IoT and Big Data growth.

According to a recent study conducted by IDC, the global market of Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach approximately $1.7 trillion by 2020, with several custom-built platforms, storage options, security models, applications to cover a large percentage of revenue as the market grows.

It goes without saying that the emergence of Internet of Things (ioT) and the rising dependence of companies on digital devices will also rise swiftly with the help of cloud-enabled services. Here, cloud computing will share an integral role in accommodating the ever-increasing data storage needs, raised by start-ups, midcaps, and giants corporate houses.