Should You Choose Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting for Your Website

Windows Hosting or Linux HostinFor the beginning trying to create a website and register a domain name for the first time, questions such which host to use for the website can be confusing and panic-inducing. Most of the websites that you can currently access online are run by either Windows hosting or Linux hosting.

What exactly does this mean?

This means that the web hosting service you choose to pay to register your domain name and run your website will either use Windows hosting or Linux hosting for the same. Most often than not, they might ask you which one you would prefer. Linux and Windows are both trusted operating systems (OS) with a few different functionalities and a few different benefits.

The Linux platform is famous for its stability, and for being an open source system that can be easily customized by the developer. This means that if you wish to make changes to the very core of how your website works, you can do so fairly easily with Linux web hosting. The Windows platform is more wide-spread in terms of its general popularity. It is a very well known operating system and is faster to work with for those who are already familiar with Microsoft arrays.

Which one do you pick?

There are many people who would say that Linux is better than Windows or that Windows is better than Linux. The point that must be kept in mind is that both are well-functioning web hosting OSs with different strengths and weaknesses. You should pick one depending on what you specifically need. One easy way to make this distinction is to ask yourself if you would need ASP (tool for making interactive web pages) or.NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft’s relational database management system). If the aforementioned aspects are what you require, then you would be better off choosing Windows web hosting for your website. However, if you need PHP (web development and general purpose programming language), Perl, WordPress, MySQL (Open Source relational database management system), or Blogging Software, then you should go with Linux web hosting. If you do not understand any of the aforementioned terms or jargon, it is usually recommended that you go for Linux.

Another distinction you can make between Windows and Linux is that Linux offers case-sensitive naming systems. This means that while www(dot)exampledomainname(dot)com and www(dot)ExampleDomainName(dot)com would be the same names on Windows, they would be different names on a Linux server. Some popular websites that run on Linux servers are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger and Twitter. Some famous websites that run on Windows servers are Dell, Microsoft, Bing, Hotmail, MySpace, etc.

Ultimately, you can just sit back and let your web hosting service company pick from these choices for you. As long as you are clear regarding how you want your website to look and what you want it to do, you can instruct your website hosts/makers to choose the best option accordingly. You could ask them, for example, what system is more popular for web hosting and accordingly make a choice.


What Is Shared Hosting

Shared HostingThere are many types of web hosting available. One of the main types of hosting is shared hosting, and this also happens to be one of the cheapest.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive type of hosting one can get. It is this cheap because multiple such accounts share the space on the same server, each of them having a certain partition allocated at the account opening.

It can be the best solution for a small business or an individual to have an online presence without needing to spend a lot of money. Shared hosting can be as cheap as a couple of dollars per month, and even cheaper shared hosting can be exceedingly good for most uses. This means that basically everyone can be online, regardless the amount of money they can afford to spend for that matter.

Now that you know what is shared hosting and how good it is for beginners, you have to know about the downsides as well. The main disadvantage of shared hosting is that all websites on a server share its resources. Whenever one of the websites gets hacked or has a traffic spike, it may happen that it consumes all available resources, thus causing the server to shut down (there are exceptions eg SiteGround). This means your website will stop working or slow down, as well as all other sites that are hosted together on that sever. This may last only a few minutes, but in case of serious troubles, it may last for hours or even for days.

This is why price should never be the only important thing when choosing a website hosting provider. A very low price might hide an ugly fact: the provider, in his attempt of increasing profits despite of the very low price, puts too many websites on the same server. As a result, the server becomes unstable and it may need frequent reboots, thus causing your site to go offline each time it happens.

There is a way to find reliable shared hosting: reviews of other users. This is why you should search the web for such reviews before signing up with any hosting provider. Discussion forums are very useful, as many webmasters would post there if they are unhappy with such or such hosting company. You can read that information and if you need details, you can join those forums and ask for it. People are usually happy to help, so you’ll probably manage to find out pretty quickly if a certain hosting company is unreliable or has low quality services.

Now that you know what is shared hosting and how it works, all you have to do is find a reliable provider. You don’t have to shy away only because your files will be on the same server with hundreds of other websites. If the server is good, if the site loads fast and there’s online support that answers your inquiries within minutes, there’s no reason to go for more expensive solutions if you can’t quite afford them for the moment. Go with shared hosting and once your traffic grows, you can always migrate to VPS or dedicated servers.

Give Your Business The Edge Of Cloud Computing And Help It Grow

Edge Of Cloud ComputingWe live at a time where it’s easy to connect with anyone and everyone in quick time. The scenario was a lot different back then when the technology was not as advanced as it has become today. Back then, it was not possible to run the business from anywhere, and it was also not possible to access information from a remote location. The arrival of cloud computing technology changed all this and gave businesses a lot of ease and convenience at many levels. This technology has saved a lot of cost that a business would otherwise dedicate for software and hardware.

Using cloud computing means a business can be run over any device and can also be run from anywhere. It gives businesses an opportunity to experience a different way of connecting with their customers, understanding their requirements and implementing a robust marketing approach. The technology has helped businesses track and manage customer information as and when needed. More so, it has brought a great sense of freedom from using manual ways and repetitive tasks. So, a business can find customer information in a quick time as everything is stored in a single place. This shows how the speed of decision making has improved a lot for a business.

With cloud computing or cloud-based CRM, a business stands to gain more leads and deals as its processes and operations have become organized. The target of customer satisfaction is easy to achieve now as the business is aware of each and every customer and their unique or specific requirements. This not only helps in keeping more customers but also growing the business and realizing its targets with ease. And as the customer information is stored in a single place, a business will get secure and personal conversations. As a result, a business finds it easier to make meaningful and lasting relationships with their existing customers.

In addition, a feature-rich CRM gives businesses an opportunity to address problems quicker and give unique experiences to customers. Every customer interaction is now just a click away and with that, it takes no time in accessing information and analysing data to gauge customer behaviour and understand the trends. Based on that, a customer-centric marketing campaign can be launched so that the task of selling or servicing goes as efficient as desired. What’s more, all the team members can be connected over a single device to cut down any gap in the communication. More so, it becomes easier for team members to understand their role in a specific process.

In a nutshell, it’s quite evident how salesforce support is beneficial for a business of any scale or size. It’s also quite clear how a top CRM is needed by both small and big businesses alike to go organized and realize their true potential. As a result, a business should consult an expert before deciding to go with cloud computing. Experts are aware of the market and technologies used to gain advantage and this is where they make the difference to a business!

Select A Customizable CRM And Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Customizable CRMWhat if your CRM were not customizable? Would that make any difference to your business? Yes, it would, and that too, in a big way. The business then will be required to spend more money to get all those benefits that a customizable product delivers. More so, if customization benefits are not available, a business will never be able to accommodate its requirements as and when they arise in future. This is where the feature of customization helps a lot as it’s a way to boost the capabilities and competencies of the business in a big way. After all, only a competent and capable business can grow in the desired manner.

From the above, it’s quite clear that a business should take a great deal of care while selecting a CRM system. The selection should consider a lot of factors so that the business can get all those benefits it paid the money for. More so, it’s important to leverage cloud computing fully to realize business objectives in the desired manner. The cloud technology comes with infinite potential and whosoever understands it fully, benefits the most. More so, it can impact every process of your business if used properly and used as per expert guidance. It will also help a business connect with customers in a unique way.

The purpose of hiring experts is to integrate and implement a CRM system that enriches the business and boosts its potential. A quality product not only helps in tracking of customers and their information but also boosts the decision-making process. It gets the business rid of manual efforts and repetitive processes so that the turnaround time can be improved and response mechanism is bolstered. What’s more, if the system is rich in feature, it will help a business find more leads and close more deal, which is something every business wants to achieve but does not know how to.

At the same time, a cloud-based CRM system gives businesses the benefit of keeping their customer conversations secure and personal. On the other hand, if the system is not sophisticated, it will fail to give the business all those advantages that customers bring. The worst part about a non-customizable product is its lack of support for business growth and expansion. Such a system won’t scale up with the business and in that case, one needs to look for a substitute which often costs money. As a result, it’s always a good decision to trust only a system that is stretchable.

In a nutshell, it’s important for a business to take care with its CRM system else it will end up paying more for the same set of features available for free elsewhere. With services for salesforce, a business will not have to pay anything for its expansion and growth. A good system is one which is capable of being stretched to accommodate business requirements in a timely manner. This is where the role of experts comes into play as they know better about cloud computing and its products.