4 Tips for Maintaining Your Private Servers

Maintaining Your Private ServersMaintaining your private server is an extremely important part of server management. You will be making sure that the software of your server is up to date and also free of all security issues. With the help of your server, preventing potential issues can be prevented easily. Some tips have been explained below.

1. Backups

It is highly critical for you that all your important data is backed up even if a worst scenario occurs. A backup should be created prior to any significant changes within your applications. On an additional note, a maintenance should be done on a regular basis and this will depend upon the changes of your content. For an ease of usage or security issues, you can also make use of an FTP backup storage space for free of cost.

2. Updating your server

Vulnerabilities and server updates can always be found at any particular time. This can cause the web-based software to be highly vulnerable. Thus it is recommended to keep all software and services up to date with the latest available version. Not updating your servers regularly means that you will be using an outdated version and this can affect you a lot in the long run. Hence, make sure that you use an updated server for as long as possible and in case you hear of any more updates, make sure you get it updated as soon as possible.

3. Password protection

A good security can include the use of extremely strong passwords, a combination of lower and upper case letters along with special characters and numbers. The passwords should consist of at least 8 characters and a word from the dictionary should not be spelt. Also the passwords should be changed on a very regular basis. Most of the security experts can also recommend change of passwords every 60 to 90 days. Protection is what you need in the long run.

4. Anti-virus

All those servers that are not used for the purpose of personal mail and web browsing are less vulnerable to the viruses, although you should still be able to protect your server from all those threats. All the content must be scanned as it enters the server with the help of an anti-virus program. There are other VPNs that require an anti-virus program to function without the help of a Kernal access. It is one of the important things to remember.