Should You Choose Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting for Your Website

Windows Hosting or Linux HostinFor the beginning trying to create a website and register a domain name for the first time, questions such which host to use for the website can be confusing and panic-inducing. Most of the websites that you can currently access online are run by either Windows hosting or Linux hosting.

What exactly does this mean?

This means that the web hosting service you choose to pay to register your domain name and run your website will either use Windows hosting or Linux hosting for the same. Most often than not, they might ask you which one you would prefer. Linux and Windows are both trusted operating systems (OS) with a few different functionalities and a few different benefits.

The Linux platform is famous for its stability, and for being an open source system that can be easily customized by the developer. This means that if you wish to make changes to the very core of how your website works, you can do so fairly easily with Linux web hosting. The Windows platform is more wide-spread in terms of its general popularity. It is a very well known operating system and is faster to work with for those who are already familiar with Microsoft arrays.

Which one do you pick?

There are many people who would say that Linux is better than Windows or that Windows is better than Linux. The point that must be kept in mind is that both are well-functioning web hosting OSs with different strengths and weaknesses. You should pick one depending on what you specifically need. One easy way to make this distinction is to ask yourself if you would need ASP (tool for making interactive web pages) or.NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft’s relational database management system). If the aforementioned aspects are what you require, then you would be better off choosing Windows web hosting for your website. However, if you need PHP (web development and general purpose programming language), Perl, WordPress, MySQL (Open Source relational database management system), or Blogging Software, then you should go with Linux web hosting. If you do not understand any of the aforementioned terms or jargon, it is usually recommended that you go for Linux.

Another distinction you can make between Windows and Linux is that Linux offers case-sensitive naming systems. This means that while www(dot)exampledomainname(dot)com and www(dot)ExampleDomainName(dot)com would be the same names on Windows, they would be different names on a Linux server. Some popular websites that run on Linux servers are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger and Twitter. Some famous websites that run on Windows servers are Dell, Microsoft, Bing, Hotmail, MySpace, etc.

Ultimately, you can just sit back and let your web hosting service company pick from these choices for you. As long as you are clear regarding how you want your website to look and what you want it to do, you can instruct your website hosts/makers to choose the best option accordingly. You could ask them, for example, what system is more popular for web hosting and accordingly make a choice.


What Is Shared Hosting

Shared HostingThere are many types of web hosting available. One of the main types of hosting is shared hosting, and this also happens to be one of the cheapest.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive type of hosting one can get. It is this cheap because multiple such accounts share the space on the same server, each of them having a certain partition allocated at the account opening.

It can be the best solution for a small business or an individual to have an online presence without needing to spend a lot of money. Shared hosting can be as cheap as a couple of dollars per month, and even cheaper shared hosting can be exceedingly good for most uses. This means that basically everyone can be online, regardless the amount of money they can afford to spend for that matter.

Now that you know what is shared hosting and how good it is for beginners, you have to know about the downsides as well. The main disadvantage of shared hosting is that all websites on a server share its resources. Whenever one of the websites gets hacked or has a traffic spike, it may happen that it consumes all available resources, thus causing the server to shut down (there are exceptions eg SiteGround). This means your website will stop working or slow down, as well as all other sites that are hosted together on that sever. This may last only a few minutes, but in case of serious troubles, it may last for hours or even for days.

This is why price should never be the only important thing when choosing a website hosting provider. A very low price might hide an ugly fact: the provider, in his attempt of increasing profits despite of the very low price, puts too many websites on the same server. As a result, the server becomes unstable and it may need frequent reboots, thus causing your site to go offline each time it happens.

There is a way to find reliable shared hosting: reviews of other users. This is why you should search the web for such reviews before signing up with any hosting provider. Discussion forums are very useful, as many webmasters would post there if they are unhappy with such or such hosting company. You can read that information and if you need details, you can join those forums and ask for it. People are usually happy to help, so you’ll probably manage to find out pretty quickly if a certain hosting company is unreliable or has low quality services.

Now that you know what is shared hosting and how it works, all you have to do is find a reliable provider. You don’t have to shy away only because your files will be on the same server with hundreds of other websites. If the server is good, if the site loads fast and there’s online support that answers your inquiries within minutes, there’s no reason to go for more expensive solutions if you can’t quite afford them for the moment. Go with shared hosting and once your traffic grows, you can always migrate to VPS or dedicated servers.

Give Your Business The Edge Of Cloud Computing And Help It Grow

Edge Of Cloud ComputingWe live at a time where it’s easy to connect with anyone and everyone in quick time. The scenario was a lot different back then when the technology was not as advanced as it has become today. Back then, it was not possible to run the business from anywhere, and it was also not possible to access information from a remote location. The arrival of cloud computing technology changed all this and gave businesses a lot of ease and convenience at many levels. This technology has saved a lot of cost that a business would otherwise dedicate for software and hardware.

Using cloud computing means a business can be run over any device and can also be run from anywhere. It gives businesses an opportunity to experience a different way of connecting with their customers, understanding their requirements and implementing a robust marketing approach. The technology has helped businesses track and manage customer information as and when needed. More so, it has brought a great sense of freedom from using manual ways and repetitive tasks. So, a business can find customer information in a quick time as everything is stored in a single place. This shows how the speed of decision making has improved a lot for a business.

With cloud computing or cloud-based CRM, a business stands to gain more leads and deals as its processes and operations have become organized. The target of customer satisfaction is easy to achieve now as the business is aware of each and every customer and their unique or specific requirements. This not only helps in keeping more customers but also growing the business and realizing its targets with ease. And as the customer information is stored in a single place, a business will get secure and personal conversations. As a result, a business finds it easier to make meaningful and lasting relationships with their existing customers.

In addition, a feature-rich CRM gives businesses an opportunity to address problems quicker and give unique experiences to customers. Every customer interaction is now just a click away and with that, it takes no time in accessing information and analysing data to gauge customer behaviour and understand the trends. Based on that, a customer-centric marketing campaign can be launched so that the task of selling or servicing goes as efficient as desired. What’s more, all the team members can be connected over a single device to cut down any gap in the communication. More so, it becomes easier for team members to understand their role in a specific process.

In a nutshell, it’s quite evident how salesforce support is beneficial for a business of any scale or size. It’s also quite clear how a top CRM is needed by both small and big businesses alike to go organized and realize their true potential. As a result, a business should consult an expert before deciding to go with cloud computing. Experts are aware of the market and technologies used to gain advantage and this is where they make the difference to a business!

Select A Customizable CRM And Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Customizable CRMWhat if your CRM were not customizable? Would that make any difference to your business? Yes, it would, and that too, in a big way. The business then will be required to spend more money to get all those benefits that a customizable product delivers. More so, if customization benefits are not available, a business will never be able to accommodate its requirements as and when they arise in future. This is where the feature of customization helps a lot as it’s a way to boost the capabilities and competencies of the business in a big way. After all, only a competent and capable business can grow in the desired manner.

From the above, it’s quite clear that a business should take a great deal of care while selecting a CRM system. The selection should consider a lot of factors so that the business can get all those benefits it paid the money for. More so, it’s important to leverage cloud computing fully to realize business objectives in the desired manner. The cloud technology comes with infinite potential and whosoever understands it fully, benefits the most. More so, it can impact every process of your business if used properly and used as per expert guidance. It will also help a business connect with customers in a unique way.

The purpose of hiring experts is to integrate and implement a CRM system that enriches the business and boosts its potential. A quality product not only helps in tracking of customers and their information but also boosts the decision-making process. It gets the business rid of manual efforts and repetitive processes so that the turnaround time can be improved and response mechanism is bolstered. What’s more, if the system is rich in feature, it will help a business find more leads and close more deal, which is something every business wants to achieve but does not know how to.

At the same time, a cloud-based CRM system gives businesses the benefit of keeping their customer conversations secure and personal. On the other hand, if the system is not sophisticated, it will fail to give the business all those advantages that customers bring. The worst part about a non-customizable product is its lack of support for business growth and expansion. Such a system won’t scale up with the business and in that case, one needs to look for a substitute which often costs money. As a result, it’s always a good decision to trust only a system that is stretchable.

In a nutshell, it’s important for a business to take care with its CRM system else it will end up paying more for the same set of features available for free elsewhere. With services for salesforce, a business will not have to pay anything for its expansion and growth. A good system is one which is capable of being stretched to accommodate business requirements in a timely manner. This is where the role of experts comes into play as they know better about cloud computing and its products.

How Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Performance & Security Demands

How Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Performance & Security DemandsThanks to readily available technologies for providing binoculars to cognize our intended customers’ needs and market trends, happening across different industry verticals so that maximum ROI can be attained. But, the question that arises over here is can we make best of these technological advancements, overlooking the importance of strong website presence? The answer is a big NO.

This article attempts to throw light on the strongest web hosting alternative that can give your business a right direction:

Over the past few years, technologies have evolved rapidly and businesses are increasingly looking out for a more reliable and powerful web hosting solution. It is of utmost importance to have your website backed by the best possible technologies. To launch a website, ostensibly, you require a computer, connected to the internet, capable of receiving requests, and taking appropriate action. And, it is only possible with web hosting services that allow individuals and organizations to make their website globally accessible.

Here, the web hosts provide space on the server to their client. Opting for a reliable web hosting service is the foremost step that one should consider while launching a website.

Availability Amuses…

A web hosting firm offers numerous types of hosting solutions to their clients, including dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. When you share a server with other hosting clients, there might be a risk of holding an improper, poor bandwidth supply or memory. Sharing a server with other people might reduce the speed of bandwidth and curtail the opportunity of being exploited in the wide competitive market, which is bombarded with traffic.

Dedicated Server Hosting Steals the Show – How?

For a business, a website acts as the key resource of revenue. Downtime certainly brings grim repercussions. Take, for example, that you run an e-commerce portal. Ostensibly, you will need to keep the website running round the clock. Any impediment or slow functioning of the website might create a bad impression on the visitor. This can adversely affect your business, thereby, taking your ROI down.

Dedicated hosting services resolve these ensuing qualms and give you an entire server – which says no entry to outsiders. With dedicated hosting, your business can acquire capabilities and resources of an entire server, which you do not have to share with anyone else. The entire server is handed over to you and your websites with enough bandwidth to handle an exponential amount of traffic and handle software configuration along with multiple pages to host. In addition to this, dedicated server solution provides their clients with on-demand raw storage, firewalls, load balancers, and network infrastructure, which are required for your mission-critical business applications.

Businesses today can leverage the power of Internet hosting to amplify their IT infrastructure utilization and minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is the most sought after hosting solution that guarantees power and performance. Businesses should choose among the global network of service providers, each with high-performance Tier 1 connectivity, maximum redundancy and security control that helps in meeting the norms of the company.

Key Traits of Dedicated Servers

• Exceptional Security

• Not shared

• Managed service for superior support

• Reliable with high uptime

• Bandwidth and enough space to grow

Why should one opt for dedicated web hosting?

For utmost security and consistent performance, dedicated web hosting service proves a beneficial bet. It is a viable solution that bridges the gap between business strategies to reach customers and wider competitive market. Let us take a look at a few benefits offered by dedicated web hosting:

Fully customizable: The service providers can help you with customized servers, storage and network capacity that helps in meeting your requirements. When you opt for dedicated web hosting provider, you can get full access to a single server without worrying about other websites getting clogged up in the same server’s CPU and RAM. It gives organizations a customizable plan that fit their needs.

Enhanced performance and security: By opting dedicated server, the service providers guarantee maximum uptime for your website, thereby, handling a huge amount of traffic and providing more stability and reliability. With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you are not sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer. It allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

Above all, dedicated hosting provides firewall, premium bandwidth, round-the-clock monitoring, and backup facility, which helps in accelerating your application performance. Dedicated web hosting plays an indispensable role in providing consistent performance with utmost security.

Top Most Big Data Inhibiting Factors

Most Big Data Inhibiting FactorsBig data is the art and science of collecting large data sets (unstructured video, emails, sensor reports, logs) through conventional and digital sources to determine market trends and partners. This information is processed and analyzed by companies to improve their decision-making so that they can hook themselves to the right path that brings maximum opportunities and limited risks to their organization. However, one unfortunate reality is, big data has lots of enemies. Data is plural of the word datum.

The interpretation of big data done by experts is something like – an amount of data which is difficult to be curated, processed, or analyzed through relational database owing to its burgeoning size (created by Internet of Things (IoT) including machine generated and transactional processes). However, the question that hits the mind is why this big data is so difficult to be managed and what factors are acting as a roadblock to this business-essential data?

This article will highlight some of the opponents of big data:

IT Infrastructure: Technology plays the principal role in the augmentation of the world economy. However, at times, it also put a knob to certain good things. Technology itself is one of the big data issues – how? To put it simply, the incompetency of IT architecture to integrate elements and data models makes it a problem. Today, the biggest problem is the increasing variants of data types and repository systems that make IT architecture to keep data seamless and updated round the clock. The architecture should be planned and designed accordingly to meet data veracity and data silos challenges. Additionally, it is indispensable to determine data redundancies and gaps in order to bring right data management and governance strategies in operations.

Unaware Data Scientists: There is no denying the fact that big data has helped many organizations and individuals to move the upper level; and, now these people have started calling themselves the data scientists. Unfortunately, this has created a mess, where they are deriving their own conclusions and explaining their suppositions to others. This is a big problem, as they apply statistical techniques without understanding its functionality. Remember, the potential of this evolving data is umpteen; and, those who make right implementations can leverage its benefits.

Dearth of Resources: The other problem allied with big data is the lack of analysts that can analyze the data; draw right conclusions, and help businesses of all sizes to take pragmatic decisions on the basis of data. Research states that big data and analytics will change the face of the companies in the approaching few years. There is a lack of data analytics professionals who can handle, analyze, and draw insights from this data. That is why many universities have gone a step ahead to run specialized analytics courses. It is expected that this approach will gradually bridge the gap. It is important that organizations should hunt for right talents (analytics experts) that can help them draw analytics framework and address various business challenges in an astute manner.

Addiction to Conventional Approach: Every business strives to find ways that can help them innovate. Usually, they consider their past records and strategies to initiate their future operations. It is true that by leveraging analytics, companies can grow big with the help of strategic decision-making. However, the biggest problem here is integrating analytics to a reluctant mindset that is cautious to change and is complacent with conventional legacy systems. Till, the time this approach will not change, adoption of analytics cannot be adopted completely. In this regard, forward-looking business leaders should put their efforts to encourage their company to make analytics-driven decisions.

Data Segmentation: Another challenge that comes with big data is – its management. Every day huge volume of data is generated, which IT professionals feel is difficult to manage. To put it simply, companies command their IT professionals to locate where their data resides and determine how it can be best utilized. The issue with IT experts is they are lost in the black hole (the amount of data is so high that they do not know which direction to head.). At times, data is not properly classified at the point of creation, which implies, companies will have no idea of knowing which way they are heading towards (seeking sales, customer details, and profiles).

This is the reason why it is important to classify the data according to its types so that right things can be done at the right moment. Equally, it is essential to determine which data will be most needed in the near future.


DreamHost VPS and Dedicated Servers Hosting Services

DreamHost VPSAre you considering hosting your new website or blog with a reliable web hosting company? DreamHost VPS, Dreampress 2 and the DreamHost Dedicated Servers hosting services can help give your site the security, speed and ease it deserves. The kind of company that hosts your website has a way of determining how far your site is able to compete with the big shots and how much traffic and money you get in the long run. With DreamHost, your site is sure to compete favorably with the big shots on the internet.

Located in Brea, California, DreamHost was founded by Josh Jones, Sage Weil, Dallas Bethune and Michael Rodriguez. The company was launched in 1996 and has remained a very good and reliable web hosting service provider for developers and entrepreneurs ever since. With three data centers in downtown LA, Ashburn (Virginia) and Irvine (California) in the United States of America, and with a cloud computing platform, the issue of speed and data security are handled effectively.

This company has had to struggle with some vital issues in the past. One of those issues was the server downtime of 2006 which resulted from two outages at their data centers, and the second was the hacking of their site in 2007 which resulted in about 700 websites accounts and FTP accounts belonging to about 3500 sites being compromised. However, DreamHost seems to have put the past solidly behind them and are now providing quality, uninterrupted services to their customers. They have won the PC Mag’s Best Web Hosting Service for the second year in a row. They’ve been hosting over 1,500,000 websites since 1997.

Why Choose DreamHost VPS and Dedicated Servers Hosting?

DreamHost has four major packages which include Shared Hosting, DreamHost VPS hosting, DreamHost Dedicated Server hosting services, and DreamPress 2 Hosting mainly for WordPress websites and blogs. Let’s briefly take a look at the four different hosting packages available for you as a webmaster.

Shared Hosting: $7.95

DreamHost shared hosting starts at $7.95 monthly (if billed triennially). It has the following features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth per month
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 1 free domain
  • Hosted on Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Unlimited domains hosting
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 databases
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Debian Linux operating system
  • 97 Day money back Guarantee

DreamHost VPS: $15 to $120

The DreamHost VPS DreamVPS hosting cost from $15 to $200 monthly. The VPS hosting package is good for e-commerce, Business, developers, and designers. The package comes with some important features amongst which are:

  • Custom Built Control Panel
  • Scalable Up to 8GB of RAM
  • From 30GB to 240GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited SSH/SFTP/FTP/Full shell users
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 databases
  • Unlimited domains hosting
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Debian Linux operating system

DreamHost Dedicated Server hosting: $109 to $249

The DreamHost dedicated server hosting contain six packages, and they include the following:

  • New Moon 2: $109 monthly. The features include 2GB RAM, 500GB Disk, and Desktop grade CPU.
  • Half Moon 2: $129 monthly. The features are 2GB RAM, 500GB disk space, and Server grade CPU.
  • Half Moon 4: $139 monthly. It comes with the following features: 4GB RAM, 500GB Disk space, and Server grade CPU.
  • Blue Moon 4: $169 monthly. Its features include 4GB RAM, 500GB Disk space, 1 RAID, and Server grade CPU
  • Blue Moon 8: $209 monthly. It comes with the following features: 8GB RAM, 1TB Disk space, 1 RAID, and Server grade CPU
  • Blue Moon 16: $249 monthly. Its features are 16GB RAM, 1TB Disk space, 1 RAID, and Server grade CPU

Apart from the individual packages listed above, all dedicated server hosting packages have the features listed for the VPS hosting above. Get quality hosting for your site right now by subscribing to one of the dedicated server hosting packages.

DreamPress 2 (Managed WordPress Hosting): $16.95

The DreamPress 2 is a package that is specifically meant for hosting WordPress blogs or websites. And it is the fastest and most reliable way to do so. It goes for $16. The features of this package are:

  • Hosted on Virtual private Servers (VPS)
  • Optimized WordPress Installation
  • 30GB of SSDs storage
  • PHP 5.6 with OPcache and Optional HHVM
  • Automatic WordPress Install and Core Updates
  • Use any WordPress Theme or Plugin
  • 24/7 WordPress Ninja Support.

More DreamHost Features

Easy to navigate control panel: DreamHost VPS and Dedicated server hosting or any other of their hosting packages have a control panel that is easy to navigate by users, making it quite easy to configure and review options to your service, and also manage your hosting account without any problem.

Automatic Updates: In order to protect you from all forms of security risks, DreamHost uses the latest stable version of WordPress to keep your sites up to date.

Unlimited E-mails: You can create as many email addresses as you wish for your account. You can also use their new atmail web client to access and read your emails.

Rock-Solid security: DreamHost makes your website/blog security is a matter of top priority. They employ a WordPress-specific firewall to block brute-force attack and other forms of vulnerabilities.

eCommerce-Ready: DreamPress 2 offers you a private IP address. A combination of the private IP address, free Let’s Encrypt certificate, and the eCommerce plugin makes your site ready for eCommerce.

Easy Installation: DreamHost has a quick installation of packages like WordPress, Joomla, eCommerce, Moodle, Wikis, phpBB, Drupal and user forums.

Excellent Bandwidth: There is always enough bandwidth to handle the traffic spike from your site whenever you run a giveaway or contest.

My take:

DreamHost has reliable and robust packages. DreamHost VPS, DreamPress 2 and the DreamHost dedicated Servers hosting are all trusted and able to deliver on a promise. The packages are good for developers and businessmen. Support is great and available 24/7 except for the fact that telephone support is lacking. I would advise you to also do a bit of comparison with other reviews before making your purchase. Nevertheless, if you chose to go for their package, visit their site and get more detailed information regarding their products.


  • Several hosting packages to choose from.
  • A free 2-week trial.
  • Unlimited domains per hosting plan.
  • 97-day money back guarantee.


  • Hosting packages are a little expensive.
  • Support is slow to respond to tickets.
  • cPanel is a bit difficult to understand.
  • No phone support

DreamHost Affiliate Program

Apart from the DreamHost VPS, DreamPress 2 and the DreamHost Dedicated Server hosting, there are special programs that Dreamhost prepares for those who are interested in leveraging their services to make money. They allow you to join their affiliate program for free and make money as you refer customers to them. You make $97 if you refer a customer per month (if they pay for DreamHost Dedicated Server hosting). If you can continue with that for a full year, you earn a total of $1,164. You don’t have to own a hosting account before participating in the affiliate program.

However, if the customer buys a Shared hosting plan, you earn a one-time payment of $30. The VPS also earns you $30 while the DreamPress 2 earns you $50. Note that the recurrent affiliate payment has been stopped since February 16, 2016. For the affiliate to be qualified for payment, the referred customer must maintain an active account for the free trial period and /or money-back guarantee periods applicable. If the customer cancels his hosting plan, receives a refund or becomes suspended, the affiliate loses his affiliate reward. You will be paid after the 97-day holding period.

Once you are registered for their affiliate program, they will give you promotional materials like banners, affiliate links, etc which you will place on your website/blog. If any of your site visitors clicks on the links to purchase a hosting package, you will be paid a commission because the sales came via your site.

It is quite easy to make sales by telling your site users about the DreamHost VPS service or the DreamHost Dedicated Servers hosting, all because a lot of people are looking for where to get those services online. Since DreamHost is a trusted web hosting service provider, it is easier to convince your readers to visit and buy hosting packages from their site.

The cookies life is just 30 days; and in the situation where the customer clicks on multiple referral links, the credits goes to the affiliate whose link was last clicked before making the purchase. Join the DreamHost affiliate program today and begin to earn substantial passive incomes.


Accentuate Business Growth With Performance Driven VPS Hosting Services

Performance Driven VPS Hosting ServicesWith the advancements in the field of technology and the evolution of the Internet, Web hosting has become quite easier. Web developers in majority are choosing VPS hosting, which is faster and more secured than shared hosting plans, to register their online presence. Undoubtedly, it offers a plethora of benefits over other hosting environments with respect to flexibility, security and performance.

The greatest innovation in web hosting till date is server virtualization, where one computer functions as multiple virtual servers. It helps organizations of different ambits to expand and prosper in the shortest possible time. VPS is a cornerstone that comes embedded with characteristics of two web hosting platforms – dedicated server hosting and shared hosting.

A virtual private server is based on virtualization technology, which separates a physical server into multiple virtual servers. This is done with the help of a software utility (hypervisor) that segments a master hardware into smaller units – each functioning separately and independently from one another. The main purpose of segmenting the master server is that independent server can be rebooted at will without affecting any other VPS.

The primary advantage of VPS is that it is cost-effective and offers a great freedom to clients to manage their work portals. You are given complete root access to your private servers, just like with dedicated ones. But, technically, you lie on the same physical machine sharing its CPU, RAM, disk storage, and bandwidth. VPS hosting gives complete control over your server, sharing almost same benefits of a dedicated server.

In addition, every virtual machine is capable of running its own operating systems. Each virtual server runs on an unabridged operating system, giving flexibility to reboot. In VPS hosting, virtualization of technology divides a computer virtually into multiple servers, but there is no physical partition. Each user is given more privacy and security as compared to shared hosting environment. Businesses subscribing for VPS hosting plans need not worry about server management, maintenance, and monitoring, as the service provider owes the full responsibility for the same.

Some Major Benefits of Using VPS

There are numerous benefits of using VPS, some of which are summed below:

    • Sole ownership with security: VPS hosting offers root access, through which you can access your server directly. Virtual web hosting is more secure than shared servers, as it is secluded from others through high-end virtualization techniques. It gives you the liberty of owning a server machine, which is like a dedicated server, but at a lower price. When you own a VPS server, you get dedicated computing resources, plus freedom to select your operating system that supports your mission-critical applications. On top of it, each VPS subscriber has their own IP address and mail server, which subsequently prevents spamming attacks.
    • Cost effectiveness: Although VPS hosting is expensive than shared web hosting, yet its benefits outweigh the cost factor. With the advancement in technology, it is also expected that in the near future, the prices of VPS hosting service will come down. There are numerous service providers, who offer VPS hosting services at low prices, but I would recommend ensuring their reliability before you sign up. VPS packages also come with control panel that overhaul and maintain the performance of your website.
    • Scalability & Customization: VPS is highly flexible and customizable. Data is hosted on scalable servers. VPS servers can be scaled up and down, as and whenever required. The traffic and activities of other VPS customers will not affect your operations, as you have your own private space to work around.
    • Round-the-clock tech support: Most of the service providers offer round the clock technical support to their clients.

In addition, VPS hardware and software are closely monitored by adept professionals, who can intelligently resolve any potential issue.

Did you select the right web hosting platform? It is observed that majority of businesses fail, owing to the lack of awareness in picking up the right plan. It is recommended to do proper research, before signing over the dotted line.

Today, people are increasingly making use of the concepts of online market that emboldens organizations of all sizes to create and start their website, a channel to generate revenue. Undoubtedly, e-commerce portals are exposed to heavy traffic; thus, to serve the request of customers and to avoid grim repercussions, it is important that you have requisite computing resources in place to support the surge in demand.

The faster your site responds to a visitor’s request, the faster the performance of your web page is. Businesses are taking help from web hosting service providers. While shared servers are hard to rely, owing to joint bandwidth and storage capacity, dedicated physical servers prove quite expensive to deploy. Thus, VPS hosting is the best suited option for ecommerce portals. It is a great way to lure the customers, which, eventually, helps in building your brand.


4 Ways Of Hosting Your Site

Hosting Your SiteAre you looking for a way of hosting your website? Here are 4 ways in which you can do it:

Using your internet service provider

You need an internet service provider (ISP) for you to access the internet. In addition to providing you with internet connection, most of the providers also offer web hosting for a small fee. The hosting provided by the providers is usually basic thus ideal if you are looking to host a young site that isn’t receiving a lot of traffic. Online experts recommend that you use this type of hosting to test and prepare your site.

Free web hosting

If you are trapped for cash and want to start your online career, there are plenty of companies offering free web hosting. The companies will host your site for free, but they place adverts on your site. Many would call it a win-win arrangement. While the services are free, most of the companies offering them offer advanced services such as: SSI, shell access, PHP and CGI; therefore, if you are interested in having a professional web host without shedding a dime, this is the hosting plan that you should use.

Since the companies place adverts on your site, the adverts might cause bad user experience when they block users from accessing some of your content. The adverts might also take traffic from your site when users click on them.

Domain hosting

Also known as URL redirection, this is a unique way of hosting your site. Instead of the traditional way where you host your web page, here you pay for your domain and then have your site hosted anywhere you want. This type of hosting is ideal if you don’t have plenty of money to spend on web hosting.


This option is ideal for you if you are interested in having more control over your site. Here you put your web server in the machine room of a larger company then connect to their high speed internet. There are two types of colocation: Managed and unmanaged. When you use the managed colocation you have more control of your web hosting thus you have a better experience.


These are some of the ways in which you can host your site. For you to choose the right way of hosting your site you should consult an experienced professional. As rule of thumb go for a way that meets your needs and at the same time doesn’t take much of your money.

4 Features Of A Good Web Hosting Company

Good Web Hosting CompanyIf you are starting an online business you need to host your website. To have a great experience you have to work with the best web hosting company. Here are features that you should look out for when looking for a good web host:

Customer service

In the online world things can go wrong any time. When your site goes down you need to have a reliable company that you can easily reach. Many companies will advertise themselves as the cheapest in the market, but wait until you have a problem and you can’t reach them. Before you subscribe to any plan, take your time to test the company’s customer service.

A good company should have plenty of support options such as email, phone, chat and any other. Forums have now become popular; therefore, a good company should have a forum where the responses are made by the hosting staff.


Uptime is the percentage of time that a hosting server has been up. While you should go with the best hosting company, remember that even the best hosting company goes down at one point. When doing your shopping, be cautious of the number of nines that a company offers. Remember that the more nines the company offers, the more it will be expensive on your side. This means that a company guaranteeing you an uptime of 99.999% will be more expensive than one guaranteeing an uptime of 99.9%.

Extra features

You must have come across companies offering a free domain name when you subscribe to their hosting plans. Others promise to provide you with content management and web analytics tools. While the extra features maybe alluring, be cautious of them. To be on the safe side, treat the extra features as a bonus rather than a determining factor for choosing a given hosting company.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that your site passes to customers over a period of time. Different companies offer different sizes of bandwidths. Others offer unlimited bandwidth. Before you make your decision, understand your needs. If your site will be having plenty of videos and graphics, it will require more bandwidth than that dealing with plain HTML. Be cautious of companies promising you unlimited bandwidth as some companies might be having a catch.


These are the factors that you should look out for when looking for a reputable web hosting company. Remember that there are plenty of affordable, good hosting companies; therefore, don’t overpay for hosting.